Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Great-Great-Grandparents #12

Jacob and Agnes (Marlink) De Vries were married March 23, 1887 in Zeeland, Michigan.  Jacob was born May 23, 1861 in Zeeland Township, Michigan.  Agnes (Agina) was born November 25, 1867 in Zeeland Township, Michigan.  They had twelve children together.  Jacob died May 29, 1949 in Zeeland.  Agnes died August 11, 1949 in Zeeland.  They are buried in the Zeeland Cemetery.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Great-Great-Grandparents #11

Symon and Pietje (Hiemenga) Stremler were married May 5, 1866 in Wonseradeel, Friesland.  Symon was born December 11, 1843 in Wonseradeel.  Pietje was born October 19, 1845 in Wonseradeel.  They had 8 children together.  Symon died May 8, 1925 in Olive Township, Michigan.  Pietje died August 6, 1920 in Olive Township, Michigan. They are buried in the Borculo Cemetery, Michigan.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Great-Great-Grandparents #10

Jacob and Allie (Vander Meer) Steigenga were married May 24, 1877 in Hemelumer Oldeferd, Friesland.  They had ten children together.  Jacob was born April 7, 1853 in Hemelumer Oldeferd and died July 30, 1923 in Borculo, Michigan.  Allie (Aukje) was born December 30, 1856 in Workum, Friesland and died March 20, 1916 in Blendon Township, Michigan.  They are both buried in the Borculo Cemetery in Michigan.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brick Wall Comes Tumbling Down, Pt. 2

After locating the birth records of Jan De Vries and Luiktje Mulder, I felt fairly confident that this was the correct couple.  But how could I be positive since there had been mistakes made before?

Based on family naming practices in the Dutch tradition, the first born son would be named after the paternal grandfather, the first born daughter named after the paternal grandmother, the second born son named after the maternal grandfather and the second daughter after the maternal grandmother.  Looking at the children of Jan & Luiktje should reflect the family names that I found on the birth records.

Jan De Vries's father was Kornelis Geerts de Vries and his mother Jantje Geerts.  (The Geerts should reflect the previous generations first names.  I wonder why Jantje doesn't have a last name listed?  Maybe because it was 1816 and she was married before the whole "pick a last name" mandate came down?)  Jan and Luiktje did have a daughter Jantje born 1860 and died in 1881. She was the only daughter that we know about so that does fit with her grandmother's name.  There is also a son named Cornelius but very little is known about where he fits into the family.  Since there were no dates, he always fell at the end of the family but it makes sense if he was the first born son. The only record he can be found in is the burial records at the Beaverdam Cemetery.  There is no stone for him while Jantje does have one.  And he is not listed in any of the census records I have seen.  So he must have been born and died somewhere between census records.  Plus the couple immigrated in 1854 so there are a number of years between then and 1860 where a child (or two) would fit and there are very few records from that time.

Luiktje Mulder's father was Jakob Hendriks Mulder and her mother Pieterke Lammerts Jolman.  As soon as I saw her father's name I knew it fit!  My ancestor Jacob was born 1861 and died 1949.  His marriage record has his name spelled as Jakob.  He should be the second born son so having Cornelius before him works out with the naming practices.

My other ancestor is the third son, Johannes was born 1863 and died 1943.  He was probably named after his own father.  I will have to do more research around Kornelis and Jantje to see where the name Jan fits in.  Jan K. must have older brothers otherwise he would have been named after the grandfathers Geert.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brick Wall Comes Tumbling Down, Pt. 1

I finally had a big break through on one of my double family tree lines after many years of frustration!  I am related through BOTH my parents to a pair of brothers, Jacob & Johannes De Vries.  From a family tree created by another family member, I knew their parents were Jan Kornelius De Vries & Luikje Ebels.  I never questioned that information.  Why not?  I guess I figured they had documentation to back it up.

But now I have new information and it came about because I wanted to correctly source my main tree.  As many newbies do, I was so excited collecting information that I didn't source anything.  Maybe this is because there is SO MUCH information coming at you at first that it is just so overwhelming.  Whatever the reason, I wanted to make sure my sources where documented.  I started with my own birth & marriage records and started going back, looking for birth, marriage and death records for each ancestor.  This finally brought me back to the Johannes De Vries & Jacob De Vries brothers.

Johannes De Vries's marriage record in 1887 to Gertrude Bos lists his parents as Jan De Vries & Luikje Mulder.    Jacob De Vries's marriage record in 1887 to Agina Marlink does not list parents.  It actually was a few years ago that I looked up the marriage records and I really hadn't given it much time since then.  I figured that it was a mistake.  But recently that old block was haunting me again.

In past years, I had done numerous searches on Genlias (now WieWasWie) for a De Vries married to an Ebels, coming up with nothing.  I looked for any name close to Luikje Ebels in birth records and found nothing.  Yes, there were a lot of Jan De Vries's but I only knew the father was Kornelius so I wasn't able to pin point the right record.  But guess what happened when I tried De Vries and Mulder?  Yep, it came right up!
From this record, it was an easy search to find both birth records.  Jan De Vries was born November 13, 1816 NOT February 1816.  (I think the February date came from his death record which listed is age as 75 years 11 months.)  Luiktje Mulder was born February 29, 1822 to Jakob Hendriks Mulder & Pieterke Lammerts Jolman.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Great-Great-Grandparents #9

Minne and Maria (Kool) Groenhof were married June 7, 1878 in Hemelumer Oldeferd, Netherlands.  They had 8 children together.  Minne was born March 10, 1850 in Hemelumer Oldeferd, Netherlands.  The family immigrated together in 1890 with six of their children.  Minne died October 22, 1895 in Olive Township, Michigan at the age of 45.  Marijke Kool was born April 28, 1852 in Hemelumer Oldeferd, Netherlands and died April 8, 1932 in Blendon Township, Michigan.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scrapbooking Journey

So my journey into scrapbook started in 1994, the year I got married.  I wanted to do something different with my wedding album so I signed up for a class through community education.  The instructor was part of Creative Memories and that is how I started out.  Yes, I even had a crop at my apartment for friends and family, managing to get a few of them hooked as well!

The next four years went by with me doing a few albums for those years and actually finishing the wedding album.  Then I had kid number one.  And that was okay.  Still managed to work on my albums and start another one for him.  Then bam - kid number two comes along 18 months later and everything falls apart, at least in terms of scrapbooking!  I did manage to work on some of it but over all was so busy that I fell behind.

In 2003 I decided it was time to really work at the albums. I spent time cropping outside the house with my mom and sister.  But what I decided to do at that point was to start fresh from that year and keep up from there.  So I dropped the missed years and just worked on current stuff since it was better to be doing some rather then none.  I actually did really well through most of 2007.  But 2008 is the start of all digital pictures and also when I decided it was time to go back and take care of those old pictures before I started printing the digital prints.  They were printed already and just sitting in a box gathering dust.  This is also about the time that the scrapbook store we cropped at decided to scale back and moved to a smaller space.

A couple years ago, the company I used for my albums and page protecters decided to redo their business and everything was being discontinued.  I had to figure out, as best I could, what I needed to finish the albums I already had.  The albums start before 1998 and I was missing large sections of a few years!  So I guesstimated and bought supplies and hoped for the best.  I'm still waiting to see how that all turned out.

So now it is finally 2014.  My space is more organized and I have put a lot of time & effort into finishing the incomplete years between 2000 - 2003.  I also had to start at the beginning of each kids albums and finish some of the pages I just didn't get around to completing.  And progress was made, finally!

I have finished all my KIDS albums from 1998-2007.  They have page protectors and finished pages!  They are done!  Now I need to go through my own albums for those years to finish the pages I skipped, for what ever reason.  I also have the added pressure that my son is a junior (where did the time go!) and I should have something to show for his high school years, which I don't!

Progress and Pressure :)